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When a Simple Showing Goes Terribly Wrong…

Most people think the life of a realtor is a simple life.

  • Arrive at the property.
  • Open the home.
  • Show the home.
  • Exit property.
  • $$$$. Collect commission.  $$$$

Simple, right? 

Most Real Estate Agents wish it was that simple.  Sometimes, showings are simple and straightforward, but sometimes you’re surprised…by toilets in a bedroom, people sleeping in bedrooms unexpectedly, or buyers that bring their pet along with to a showing…and let the pet wander around someone else’s home.   

Recently, I had a showing day that became a comedy of errors.  I was excited to show a few condos to new clients.  They are a young couple with a two-year old, and their awesome two-year old came along.  We did the walk-through of the first condo without any major challenges other than keeping the two-year old from touching anything.

After that showing, we loaded back up and headed to the next condo.  This condo had an electronic key that opened the door, and after we unloaded everyone out of the vehicle into 14-degree weather, I attempted to unlock the door.

It wouldn’t budge.

The electronic key was frozen.  Rather than wait out in the cold, we hopped back in the vehicle and then tried to warm the key up by putting it in the vent with the heater on full blast.  I called the management company, and they said they would send over the maintenance man to help us out.  By the time I got off the phone, the little guy with us had started to get antsy, so we tried to placate him with food.

File Jan 03, 9 27 21 AM_preview

Yep, that’s the key, in the vent.

That lasted two minutes, and the maintenance man hadn’t come.

Next, we attempted to let the little guy watch a movie.  As many of you know, two-year olds sometimes just do not have the attention span to watch a movie for a long time, and this was the case that morning.  He wanted nothing to do with it after the opening credits.

File Jan 03, 9 25 46 AM_preview

No maintenance man yet.  So, what did we do next?  We played Peek-A-Boo.

Did I ever think the glamorous life of being a realtor would involve games of Peek-A-Boo in 14 degree weather?  I did not.  (Also, still no maintenance man).

File Jan 03, 9 26 35 AM_preview

So warm…

After peek-a-boo, we decided to put down the seats in the back of the vehicle so the little guy could run around and that was fun for awhile, but by this point, he was pretty done with looking at the condos.  After waiting 20 minutes for the maintenance man to arrive, we decided we’d look at the condo another day.

The life of a realtor is never boring.