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Prepare to List Your Home in 8 Easy Steps 

  • Be the Buyer 
  • The first step in preparing your home for showings is looking at your home as if YOU were the buyer.  It’s hard to do, because we all come to love our homes and have invested time and money into them, but it’s important to be critical of the small things that need to be fixed and fix them.  A day spent fixing is helpful to avoid buyers picking your home apart when they see small flaws.
  • If you need to paint, paint smart.   Paint Colors_preview
  • We all think about putting on a fresh coat of paint when it’s time to show a home.  If an area of your home needs a fresh coat of paint, paint it a neutral color.  You’ll do yourself a huge favor in making your home look fresh, so please do paint if it needs it!  But remember, everyone has their own decorating tastes, and buyers like homes they can move right into.  Not having to paint a home because it already will work with their décor and furniture is a huge draw to buyers.
  • Set a Date. Calendar_preview
  • It’s easy to think you’ll quickly finish all the projects you need to, but these things take time.  Pick a date to have your home on the market and work backwards from it.  Make a list of the things that need to be done, and PLAN the days you’re going to do the work.  Do that, and you will hit your target date!
  • De-Clutter. 
  • I cannot stress this enough!  Get rid of the extra.  Get rid of the junk.  Pack away things you’re not using immediately.  Clear your counters, bathroom vanities, and on top of your dressers. Rooms and closets look MUCH larger when they are free of clutter and mess.  Get some totes or boxes, put the stuff you’re not using in them, and store the boxes and totes in your basement or garage.  I’ve also had sellers move much of their boxed stuff to family members garage just while they’re selling so their home just has less in it.
  • Curb Appeal is VITAL. Curb Appeal_preview
  • The outside of your home is the first thing people see.  Many buyers will drive past a home before they set up a showing, and it is so important to keep your exterior in top notch condition when your home is for sale.  If they see the exterior isn’t tidy, they will assume the inside isn’t tidy as well.  A well-maintained exterior implies a well-maintained home.
  • Stage Your Home.   Staged Home_preview
  • If you can’t have your home staged professionally, do the best you can.  Pinterest is an amazing, free website that offers inspiration, ideas, and directions on how to stage your home.  Better yet, contact me and I will give you ideas on what buyers want to see!
  • Less is More. Simple Decor_preview
  • Simple décor is sufficient.  Remember, we want buyers to see your home – not the way you have decorated your home.  Limited décor highlights the best parts of your home, but also takes up less space and allows a buyer to see just how spacious your home is.  Work to highlight the best parts of your home and allow the buyer to see their own décor in your home.
  • Professionals are Affordable 
  • The most frequent professional help I recommend is that of a professional carpet cleaner.  A carpet may look clean, but pet smells trapped in a carpet are difficult to remove without professional help.  The professionals also can deep clean carpets and give them a like-new feel.  Remove the stains, remove the smells, and set yourself up for success.

These 8 things are important, but there are many other things you can do to show your home well.  Call me today if you want to know more!