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​​Simple Ways to Keep the Heat in Your Home

We all know how difficult it can be to keep your home warm in the winter time.  With the frigid temperatures we’ve had lately, not only is it difficult but it can be EXPENSIVE!!  In an effort to help you keep your costs down, I came up with 6 simple ways you can use the heat you already have to keep you warm and toasty until Spring rolls back around.

  1. Use your Curtains wisely!  Windows can be one of the prime ways heat sneaks out of your home.  Keep curtains closed over windows that are prone to letting heat out.  For an added bonus, use thick curtains to insulate even more against the cold.  Curtains_preview
  2. Shut the doors.  Most of us have areas of our homes that we don’t use as frequently as others – that room off of the den downstairs, the spare bedroom, or the office that mostly collects dust.  If you have rooms that aren’t used as frequently as others, keep the door shut!  The rooms will stay warm enough that you can still use them when you want to, but extra heat won’t be ushered into those rooms and can stay where you are the most!
  3. Don’t drain the tub.  If you’re a bath person and love to take a long, relaxing soak after a hard day, you can indulge yourself and do it without guilt!  When you’re done, don’t drain the tub right away.  Countless gallons of hot water are sitting in the tub, and if you drain it instantly, you are literally throwing heat “down the drain”.  Let the hot water sit, leave the door to the bathroom open, and let the radiant heat from the water warm your home.   Bathtub_preview
  4. Set a timer.  Most thermostats have programmable timers that you can set to different temperatures at different times.  Do you work during the day?  Set the heat to drop down to 60 degrees while you’re at work, and then kick it back up at 4 pm so it’s nice and toasty for you by the time you get home.  Drop it down at nighttime while you’re sleeping and snuggle in deeper under the covers.  You won’t notice while you’re sleeping, and even a few degrees lower can save you a lot of money in the long run! Timer_preview
  5. Leave the stove open!  Chances are you’re cooking dinner multiple times a week and using the oven for much of that cooking.  When you’re done cooking, leave the oven open just a bit and use the heat that’s trapped inside the oven!  Countless degrees of warmth await within the stove and we don’t want to let it sneak way.
  6. Shower with the door open.  I know, I know.  Not everyone can pull this one off.  But if you can swing it, don’t use your vent fan in your bathroom when taking a shower.  Rather, leave the door open and allow the steam (and all that heat) to move out into the rest of the house.  It’s an easy way to use heat you already have and keep you warm.


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