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Do Organized Closets Really Matter When Showing a Home?

As a realtor, I get asked all the time by sellers, “Do I need to organize my cabinets and closets when I’m showing my house?”  The answer is Yes!

Buyers are curious.  They are considering every aspect of the home, including what’s behind closed doors. When viewing a home, buyers use what clues they can to draw conclusions about the home and how well it has been maintained. Whether it is true or not, a more organized, polished home leads a buyer to believe that the homeowner cares about all the little details.

Fear not!  Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive task.  With a little bit of effort and just a small investment, you, too, can put your best foot forward!

Recently, I realized that I had let my closets fill up with all the extras from around my house.  Not only was it disorganized and I couldn’t find what I needed, I felt myself hoping that no one would open the closet doors while my family gathered for the holidays!!

 File Jan 01, 1 24 44 PM_preview

I stopped in at the local retail store, and for just under $40, I found a variety of different sized plastic totes and containers.  I love the look of uniform containers, but feel free to be fun and spunky too.  A variety of places offer patterned and colored totes that would brighten up the closet as well!

Two hours later, I was done!  Was it fun?  Maybe not so much. Did it look AMAZING when I was done? Definitely!

File Jan 01, 1 29 36 PM_preview

You may do an amazing job with staging and cleaning your home, but don’t forget about the little things!  Organizing what’s behind the closet door can really make a big difference and goes a long way towards selling your home!