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How “Showing in Seconds” Will Sell Your Home

I am always working hard to be on the cutting edge of the Real Estate Market so I can better serve you as a buyer or seller. This includes using all the latest technologies and marketing strategies.  I am excited to announce I am offering a new service called “Showing in Seconds.”  With the help of hired professionals to film and edit, and at no additional cost to you, “Showing in Seconds” videos are a personal, guided walk-through of new listings – all in one minute or less!


Last fall, I attended the Wisconsin Realtors Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  While attending the marketing session, I learned that not only are buyers and sellers getting busier, they’re looking for ways to cut down on time in almost every area of their lives, including buying a home.  I set out to find a way that I could help make the buying process faster and more engaging, and “Showing in Seconds” is an amazing solution.  In just under one minute, you get an inside look at new listings, and you feel like you are actually there!

Pictures are an essential tool for viewing a home, but let’s face it, sometimes pictures can be deceiving.  My guided “Showing in Seconds” videos give you an insider look at homes in a way that makes you feel like you are walking through it yourself.  As the listing agent on these properties, I also walk you through the things you cannot miss about these homes and get to highlight each property’s unique appeal.  The best part is, it only takes one minute!

It’s always important to see and walk through a home yourself, but in today’s busy world, “Showing in Seconds” is a great way to see a home before you actually “see” a home.  I’m thankful for you as my clients and I’m so excited to offer this new service!